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  • Valuable Competitive Advantage

    Holding an ISO 27001 certification is an increasing requirement to do business in many different verticals, especially when processing any type of personal or sensitive data. The achievement of ISO 27001 will differentiate two competing organisations in the marketplace, providing you with a valuable competitive advantage.

  • Commitment To Information Security

    ISO 27001 certification is an easily recognisable security hallmark. Using the ISO 27001 logo on company literature is a continual reminder to potential and existing customers that demonstrates a commitment to information security.

  • Compliance With Relevant Laws

    ISO 27001 supports compliance with relevant laws such as the EU GDPR and NIS Regulations. This, in turn, reduces the risk of facing prosecution and fines. An organisation’s liability in security incidents may be reduced if it is certified ISO 27001 compliant.

  • Demonstrates Credibility & Trust

    As ISO 27001 is the current international benchmark for Information Security Management, it is increasingly recognised that compliance with the standard is supportive evidence of adequate security levels of the organisation. The certification demonstrates credibility and trust.

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